Maintenance Guidelines

There’s berth, there’s sea, and in between, there’s maintenance.
Maintenance Guidelines

Vessels Fastening and Securing

Maintenance is crucial to owning a boat, and we want to your vessel well maintained whilst at Hobsonville Marina. Many maintenance projects are permitted on water at our facility, but excessive noise, waste or fumes from your project will not be tolerated. At Hobsonville Marina, we have a great responsibility to other Marina users and the surrounding the environment.

Minor maintenance projects permitted at our facility includes:

  • Engine servicing/oil change
  • Boat cleaning or polishing
  • Air-conditioning repair or servicing
  • Electrical or plumbing repairs
  • Brush painting (only during calm weather conditions to a total area of less than 3m2).
  • Hand sanding, only on a small area of not more than 3m2 in total and not for a total period in excess of more than 30 minutes.

Hobsonville Marina reserves the right to instruct you to stop any work it deems to have exceeded these guidelines. Drip pads and absorbency pads must be used when draining oil from sumps and as a matter of seamanship and respect for the environment, engines must be well maintained.

Water/oil separators or absorbents must be used to soak up oil hydrocarbons before pumping the bilge. Contact the Marina office for hazardous waste disposal.

Please don’t:

  • Store materials of any nature on the walkway or finger piers.
  • Allow material or substances created from repair or maintenance
    activities to enter the marine environment (including dust or shavings).
  • Dump bilge water into the marina, this activity is strictly prohibited.
  • Dump excessive rubbish and large items of unwanted hardware in the marina rubbish bins.